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Friday, August 06, 2010

Houlihan Smith Drops Its Lawsuit Against 800Notes

by Paul Alan Levy

A Chicago investment bank, obtained a short-term restraining order against 800Notes.com as formerly talked about right here, Houlihan Smith The operator of 800Notes, got notice of the suit and was able to call to the Court’s attention section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, as well as the plaintiff’s factual misrepresentations and faulty legal arguments after it refused to remove negative comments from consumers (and former employees) but then was denied a preliminary injunction after Julia Forte. Houlihan Smith has dismissed its action with prejudice. Houlihan Smith initially declined to withdraw its suit, even with Forte relocated to also dismiss, but missed the due date for opposing the movement to dismiss last but not least begun to look closely at the scenario once again after Forte threatened to get Rule 11 sanctions. Forte has started the entire process of looking for an honor of lawyer charges beneath the exact exact exact same statutory cost conditions that Houlihan Smith it self had invoked in its grievance.

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Can I am told by you what direction to go, that do I contact if i will be being threatened by these individuals. Any help could be significantly valued.

We received a call from a man with broken english named Mr Wilson today. He reported he had been by having a statutory attorney which includes gotten paper work aganist me because of a loan thta i took away. The quantity he left is 646-783-4929 and states that he has my ss# and bank information. He explained it was because of a cash advance we received rather than reimbursed but cannot offer me personally a romantic date or quantity. Whenever I reported I experienced maybe not gotten that loan he called me personally a liar and told us to just deliver him the funds to create all this disappear completely.

We have notified the 3 credit reporting agencies’s plus the attorney general right here and my bank. All I’m able to hope is the fact that if we keep ignoring thier calls and simply take the right actions this will recede.

I have already been calls that are getting generally 1 or 2 per week from another type of # compared to the 714 #. the quantity that calls me personally is from a mobile phone in Maryland. The people appear to be they’ve been from Nigeria. Additionally they state we took away a pay day loan on line and failed to repay it. They will have the final 4 digits of my security that is social the title of my bank. Today they stated that we will be arrested by Federal agents on Monday that I was going to be prosecutied for internet fraud and. We knew it had been a fraud once they first began calling and reported them to my bank, the attorney general’s workplace and place a fraud tuned in to the credit agencies.. Once they call my caller id shows “unknown caller”. I will contact the device company to see if I’m able to block caller that is”unknown telephone phone phone calls. These individuals try not to throw in the towel.

For quite some time i possibly could perhaps maybe maybe not find out just just just how they got a great deal information I did try to apply for a small loan online but did not take one out and these people must be linked to these sites somehow on me, but. I will be simply not likely to respond to the phone calls any longer and hope it prevents ultimately.



Fake Loan Companies ? Terrorizing Customers

MORE ABOUT FAKE COLLECTORS hletter/2008/092008.html

om/news04/2010/01/ks_debt_collection.html launch that is latest of data with this scam

hnscam.cfm If you’re targeted by these crooks, make sure to report them to all the the following federal and state police force agencies (most of which you yourself can do online or over the telephone): 1. The U.S. Secret provider accounts for protecting the nation’s economic infrastructure and re payment systems from worldwide and domestic threats. Phone or write your neighborhood Service that is secret field to alert them towards the details with this tried extortion. The details and telephone numbers for the neighborhood Secret Service industry offices are listed at hov/field_offices.shtml or in your phone guide. 2. Alert the FBI at Make sure to inform the FBI that you’re being targeted by extortionists on the phone. And in case the crooks claim become police force or attorneys, officers of this court or bankers, make sure to add that information in your report. 3. File a grievance along with your neighborhood authorities. Most police divisions takes a written report on the phone. Make sure to inform them you are being targeted by an extortionist and provide them with every detail. 4. File a problem a state’s attorney general, the contact information for who are at www.wvago.gov 5. File a complaint online because of the Federal Trade Commission at ther than them to law enforcement that you know they’re a scam and that you’ve reported. (and make certain to report them to all or any the agencies above every time they call you.)

In addition, here is simply a little test of figures utilized by this kind of selection of scammers. Browse the reports and you will begin to see the pattern that is same and once again — phony organization names, dense international accents, and oddly worded threats which are therefore melodramatic and absurd that it is laughable:

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