According to a Dutch commercial lawyer, the application indicates that is de facto insolvent.

Where the landlord was given right. Because according to the judgment, the settlement of the rent arrears only resulted in a so-called cure for the termination without notice. Only this can be done away with by paying the complete rent arrears within two months after the eviction notice has been served.

However, this does not apply to the ordinary termination that is also declared here. Despite the already long tenancy and the comparatively low amount of the rental debt of 1200 euros, according to the AG Berlin-Mitte, what matters is the breach of contract itself – and not the amount of the arrears. Otherwise, the undesired result would be that ordinary termination is not possible simply because the amount of money is not reached. Source:, awi “After Emprise Management Consulting AG presented catastrophic figures for the past financial year on Tuesday, the company is even threatened with bankruptcy, according to information from the investor magazine” “Die Telebörse” “.

According to Jens-Uwe Nöller, spokesman for the German Association for Protection of Securities Holdings (DSW), Emprise has violated the ad-hoc regulations, among other things. The Hamburg-based company should have informed its shareholders and called an extraordinary general meeting when half of the share capital was used up. Emprise had reported a loss before taxes and interest of 38 million DM for the year 2000.

In the previous year the consulting firm had made a profit of 2.4 million DM. According to Emprise, sales rose by 65 percent in the year under review, as expected. The slump in earnings was due, among other things, to unscheduled start-up losses at foreign companies and value adjustments to goodwill. Due to the business development and the fact that Emprise only informed its shareholders when the share capital was completely exhausted, DSW sees black. “” I’m afraid that Emprise will have to go to the insolvency administrator “”, so Nöller. Source: “Those who need it should easily get money under the Hartz IV law in a crisis. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Many people are facing economic end because of the Corona crisis.

Solo self-employed and small business owners are currently often without any income. Labor Minister Heil therefore wants to suspend the examination of the apartment and assets for six months so that those affected can easily get to Hartz IV Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil wants to massively relax the access restrictions for Hartz IV in the crisis. For example, the property test and the review of the size of the apartment should be omitted for the application for basic security. “” We are now ensuring that the time-consuming asset test for six months from April 1st is no longer necessary, “said Heil of the” Bild am Sonntag “”. “In addition, everyone can stay in their apartment”, said the SPD politician.

The basic security benefits would be granted quickly and unbureaucratically. “” That helps first of all, in order not to plunge into the abyss, “said Heil. “We don’t leave people alone.” “The Federal Ministry of Labor expects up to 1.2 million additional recipients of the basic security in the crisis. According to the report, the draft law states: “Taking into account the industry and income structure, up to 700,000 of the 1.9 million solo self-employed and up to 300,000 of the 1.6 million self-employed with employees could be eligible for an application.” “Together with other beneficiaries” “a maximum of 1.2 million incoming benefit communities would be possible as a result of the Corona crisis and this regulation,” the newspaper quoted from the draft. For the federal budget and the municipalities, this means almost ten billion euros in additional costs. “” With six months of benefits, this would correspond to a maximum additional expenditure of around 9.6 billion euros. Of this, 7.5 billion euros go to the federal government and 2.1 billion euros to the municipalities, “” says the draft law. Access to the child allowance – a maximum of 185 euros per month – is also to be greatly simplified.

The parents’ income is no longer checked for the past six months; the income statement from the last month prior to the application is sufficient. According to calculations by the federal government, this will lead to one-time additional expenses of 200 million euros. In order to bring pensioners back from urgently needed professions more easily in the Corona crisis, Minister Heil wants to raise the annual additional income limit from 6300 euros to 44,590 euros, as the “” Bild am Sonntag “” reported further. This regulation is to be limited to the end of 2020. Source:, shu / AFP “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of insolvency The decline in corporate insolvencies that has persisted since the beginning of the year continued in May .

Agfa-Photo has filed for bankruptcy. 1,800 employees in Germany are affected by the insolvency, 870 of them at the Leverkusen company headquarters. The works council was completely surprised by the bankruptcy.

The number of company bankruptcies in Germany fell by 3.9 percent in February compared to the previous year. Two days after the preliminary round of the basketball Bundesliga, relegated TSK Würzburg has filed for bankruptcy. The hope of being able to reorganize Dirk Nowitzki’s home club, however, still exists. Regional soccer team Jahn Regensburg will most likely be able to end the season despite the impending bankruptcy. The highly indebted regional soccer division Jahn Regensburg has to file for bankruptcy.

The Lower Saxony Pgam advanced technologies is insolvent and therefore wants to file for bankruptcy. The armored vehicle manufacturer’s share fell to a fifth of its value. Talks with those involved about a reorganization concept had failed, it said. The head of the Frankfurt stock exchange regulator, Klaus-Dieter Benner, on Phoenix insolvency.

What do the victims have to do now? The looming bankruptcy of the Bundesliga soccer club Borussia Dortmund has been averted. Around 95 percent of Molsiris investors voted for the redevelopment concept. This means that the rental payment for the Westfalenstadion to investors will be suspended for two years.

The financially stricken Bundesliga team SG Wallau-Massenheim wants to decide on a possible bankruptcy on Thursday. “Emprise Management Consulting AG rejected claims on Wednesday that the company had violated the ad hoc regulations and was threatened with bankruptcy. In an ad -hoc report of March 13, 2001 had been informed that the balance sheet capital of DM 12 million had been used up by the annual results for 2000 in the individual financial statements of the AG in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Code (HGB). The reports had caused considerable concern .

Information from the investor magazine “” Die Telebörse “” revealed that the company was even threatened with bankruptcy. The spokesman for the German Association for the Protection of Securities (DSW), Jens-Uwe Nöller, accused Emprise of violating the ad-hoc regulations, among other things. In particular, the Hamburg company failed to inform its shareholders and to call an extraordinary general meeting when half of the share capital was used up. In addition, Nöller had expressed the fear that Emprise would have to go to the insolvency administrator. After the previous year could still be closed with a profit, Emprise had a loss before taxes and interest of 38 million for the past financial year with increased sales.

Must show DM. The reasons for the drop in earnings were, among other things, unscheduled start-up losses at foreign companies and value adjustments on goodwill. As reported in a press release on Wednesday, the financial assets were subjected to a detailed impairment test as part of the annual financial statements. It turned out that the necessary financing of American start-up companies in which Emprise holds minority stakes is currently questionable or has failed. As a result, a complete write-down of DM 23 million was made, resulting in equity capital of minus DM one million.

This was reported immediately in accordance with the ad hoc rules. Emprise CEO Bernhard Mannheim said that after the restructuring in the current financial year, the company wanted to generate positive results without taking into account the subsidiary mediascape. The remaining Emprise group of companies is healthy as a company and the accusation of imminent bankruptcy is unfounded. Source: “The ailing internet retailer is fighting for survival. According to its own statements, the company is not aiming for bankruptcy in the ongoing talks with trustees.

In his understanding, this was not the subject of the talks, said a company spokesman. The talks between the indebted internet trader and the trustees appointed by an Amsterdam court had started on Tuesday. The latter are supposed to monitor the deferral of payment for The Dutch company had applied for a provisional moratorium under Dutch law last week. As a result, the share was suspended from trading. A moratorium is understood to be the deferment of interest and repayments due in times of economic weakness of a company. According to a Dutch commercial lawyer, the application indicates that is de facto insolvent.

An average of 80 percent of these proceedings resulted in normal bankruptcy proceedings, it said. Meanwhile, ProSiebenSAT1 Media AG, which has a 16 percent stake in the Dutch, does not rule out a total write-off of its investment. Should go bankrupt, one would have to write off completely, said a spokeswoman. At least the talks planned for January will be awaited.

At the moment, ProSieben is hoping that something can still be done, it said. You can still see the good idea behind Letsbuyit. Source: “The Corona emergency aid was provided exclusively to alleviate the financial distress of the company concerned in connection with the Covid 19 pandemic. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Is a garnishment unlawful by the tax office if there are Corona emergency aid on the account? The Federal Fiscal Court makes a clear judgment. Self-employed persons and freelancers who have received immediate aid due to the corona pandemic may not be seized by the tax office.

This has now also been confirmed by the Federal Fiscal Court (BFH) (Ref .: VII S 23/20). The Corona emergency aid is there to cushion economic bottlenecks immediately triggered by the corona pandemic. “” No old debts have to be settled with the tax office, “explains Isabel Klocke from the Taxpayers’ Association. In the specific case, a solo self-employed person sued who no longer received any orders for his caretaker service due to the corona pandemic. In order to maintain his business, he therefore applied to the state of North Rhine-Westphalia for immediate Corona aid in the amount of 9,000 euros, which was transferred to his current account. the bank refused to pay out the Corona emergency aid. The self-employed asked the court for approval. Like the Münster Finance Court in the first instance, the Federal Fiscal Court also approved the caretaker.

The attachment of the account is not legal, because the immediate Corona aid was provided exclusively to alleviate the financial distress of the company concerned in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the court, the taxpayers affected, to whom the tax office has attached all or part of the emergency aid or the bridging aid due to old tax debts, can invoke the decision of the Federal Fiscal Court and the tax office Apply for release of the seized amount. “” The file number should be given as a reason, “advises Klocke. Source:, awi / dpa “Contributions not made in recent years must be paid later. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.

The same applies to health insurance. Despite the corresponding compulsory insurance, hundreds of thousands of people do not have any protection here. Finanztip boss Tenhagen reveals how those affected can change this.

How can it be that there are people in this country who are not insured even though there is compulsory insurance in Germany? Yes, there is compulsory insurance, but it is not checked for private or voluntary statutory insured persons. So if someone leaves their health insurance for whatever reason, there is no check to see whether a new insurance is also taken out in return. Hermann-Josef Tenhagen is editor-in-chief of the independent financial advisor Finanztip.

In the past there was also the widespread phenomenon that civil servants – who are entitled to allowance – were of the opinion that they did not need insurance at all, since the allowance covers between 50 and 70 percent of the medical costs. Then they took it down on it or they only paid themselves a very narrow tariff for inpatient treatment. Then there are people who have not paid their insurance for years and have lost it as a result. Then there are people who come back from abroad and do not register again. There are also newcomers from other EU countries who are self-employed and do not take out health insurance.

However, if you are employed, you automatically end up in health insurance. How many people in Germany have no health insurance? The Federal Statistical Office surveys one percent of all households in Germany every four years – in the so-called microcensus. Accordingly, there are 143,000 affected. However, there is a high probability that this is a lower limit. Because, for example, the homeless and some of the groups mentioned are not included. Social associations in individual cities already count tens of thousands of people who live without health insurance – for example in Berlin.

In any case, this problem affects several hundred thousand people. And how can they find shelter in health insurance? In principle, anyone can always return to the health insurance company or insurance company they were last in.